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Levesque Collection & Tait Collection
The Estate Collection of Jean-Noël Senécal
Roger/Penny Levesque Collection
Annual January Antique Auction - January, 22nd , 2011

Antique Auction Sale October 16th, 2010
Estate Auction Sale August 12th, 2010
The Price Collection July 24th through 25th,2010
The Dobson Collection Saturday June 19,2010
The Fawcett Collection Saturday June 5,2010
The Pitman Collection Saturday May 22,2010

The Lambert Collection Saturday May 15,2010
The Allio Collection Saturday October 10th 2009
The "Antiquest" Auction Saturday October 17th 2009

Antique and Collectible Decoy and Fishing Tackle Auction Saturday July 18th, 2009
The Keeling Collection Saturday May 30th, 2009
The Stewart Collection Saturday June 6th,2009
The Wilson Collection June 10th and 11th, 2009
Antique Auction Sale Saturday February 14th,2009

Antique Auction Sale Saturday January 10th,2008
Two Stellar Ontario Collections In One Auction  Saturday November 1, 2008
A Unique Opportunity
,Two Great Waterloo County Collections In One Auction
    Friday & Saturday September 19th  and 20th, 2008

Important Folk Art and Antique Auction Sale Saturday June 28, 2008
The Clairman Estate Collection Saturday June 14, 2008
Estate Auction Sale Saturday May 17,2008
Woodworking Equipment Downsizing Auction Saturday May 24,2008
The Cathcart Collection Saturday April19th, 2008
The Batchelor Collection Saturday March 15th, 2008
Antiques in January Auction Sale Saturday January 19th, 2008
Modern and Vintage Fishing Tackle Auction  Saturday January 26th, 2008
Antique and Modern Auction Sale Saturday January 12th, 2008
An Antique and Collectible Auction Sale Saturday December 15th, 2007
Antique and Modern Estate Auction Sale Saturday December 1st, 2007
Estate and Property Auction Sale  Wednesday October 31st, 2007
The Copeland Collection  Saturday November 17th, 2007
The Lynn Collection Revisited October 20th, 2007
The Price Collection September 22nd and 23rd/2007
Household and Real Estate Auction Thursday August 9th/2007
The Tom Cossitt Estate Collection Friday July 27 and Saturday July 28
The Lynn Estate Collection Auction Sale Saturday June 23 and June 24, 2007
Antique Dispersal Sale Saturday June 9th, 2007
Important Auction Sale of Red Ware, Antique Furnishings and Accessories     Saturday May 19/07
Estate Auction Sale Wednesday May 2/07
Modern Estate Auction sale Saturday March 31/07
Antique Auction Sale Saturday March 17,2007
Real Estate and Household Auction Sale Saturday March 24,2007
Modern and
Antique Auction Sale Saturday March 10,2007
Sunday Afternoon Catalogue Antique Auction February 25th 2007
Annual January Antique Auction Sale Saturday January 13th, 2007
Antique Auction Sale Saturday November 11th 2006
  The Vosper Collection Saturday August 19th 2006 
Antique Estate Auction Sale Saturday August 26th 2006

  Estate Auction Sale Saturday May 20, 2006
  Antique Auction Sale Saturday October 8th  2005
  Antique and Modern Auction Sale Saturday August 20th 2005
  Antique Auction Sale Saturday July 16th 2005
“A Sampling From The Price Collection”  Saturday May 21st 2005
Estate Auction Sale  Saturday February 19,2005
Important Canadian Collection November 21st and 22nd,2003
Philip Shackleton and Friends Saturday May 22,2004