Reading List

This isn’t so much a list of things you should read, but rather things I have read and enjoyed.

(All links are to the author’s website, where possible, and none are affiliate links).

Computers and Programming

  • Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham

    This is one of the few computing books that has stayed on my bookshelf for multiple decades and survived multiple rounds of culling. I reread it recently, and it has aged really well for something that was published in 2004.


I find Seth Godin to be overwhelming in that he can pump out fascinating insights literally on a daily basis, but it’s just too much to hold in my brain. His first tranche of books were on marketing which isn’t my cup of tea, but I am a big fan of both The Icarus Deception and The Practice: Shipping Creative Work.

Science Fiction

Breathtakingly good sci-fi novels by Venor Vinge.

Iain M. Banks’s Culture and non-Culture novels are great, but in particular I enjoyed:

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